It’s just an extension of my feet

surfI’ve been thinking a lot about my career in marketing as I look to my next challenge and have come to realize that marketing is not something I do anymore, it’s part of who I am. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I spent every moment I could with skates on to the point where they just became an extension of my feet.

I didn’t think of what I needed to do when skating I just did it as it was as natural as walking. Just like when I watch the surfers on the south side of the pier, the ones who probably started surfing before they learned how to run, and see the board is just an extension of their own bodies. The waves are never exactly the same, the size varies, the break changes and the power may be different, but they glide up and down and in and out just the same.

In truth, once something becomes a part of you the time and place where you ply that skill may add a new level of excitement, but what you do doesn’t change. A surfer in Huntington Beach will face a different wave in Panama but it’s a wave just the same and they’ll surf it with the skills needed for that particular wave learned from a lifetime of experience. This is the way I find myself feeling about marketing. As I look back in my experience I realize that I’ve been marketing all my life.

From the day I had to sell my dad on buying me that first pair of skates to telling the world about New Space, it has become a part of me. And like the skater I once was and the surfers I see every day, I’ve plied my trade in many different industries requiring special skills for each, but it’s all part of the core of who I am and what I do.

The vertical may change and the product may be different but I still just want to jump in and ride the wave knowing that once I’m in the tube I’ll be at home and know just what’s needed for a successful ride. It’s that ethereal feeling inside that comes from gliding down the boardwalk, catching that last wave at sunset and introducing the world to a new way of doing something that has me waiting with bated breath for my next marketing adventure. I don’t know, yet, who it will be with or what the roll will entail but I know that just like a new pair of skates it will become part of who I am and I’ll be ready for whatever it throws at me.

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