I Know What You Did Yesterday

i-know-what-you-did-last-summerWhen I Know What You Did Last Summer came out it gave pause to many a teenager (and gown up) that had ever done something wrong (of course not to the extent of the characters in the movie, but still). The idea that someone may know what you’ve done and be able to track you down can be a chilling idea, but for marketers it is the holy grail. I’ve talked about the idea of targeting people when and where they are, especially as it relates to how I want to be targeted, on my terms. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to walk into a store and get a text message saying, “hey we see you are looking at those new shoes, how about we offer you 20% off if you buy those size 7s right now.” I remember working on similar initiatives back in the 90’s with context sensitive selling, which has now become marketplace, but it’s still pretty generic, but that’s all starting to change.

With augmented reality becoming more commonplace and companies focusing on distilling unstructured, big data, down to things marketers can use, my hopes aren’t too far out there. And now I’m looking at companies like PlaceIQ that are taking all that unstructured data about people and what they are doing and turning it into info that marketers can use to determine the best way to target people and market products. And now we are seeing companies like Apple realizing how to get into this game. With their purchase of WifiSlam, Apple is betting that they will be able to work with big data companies to be able to track people inside stores and venues and sell to them on the spot.

As we go further and further into this brave new world, we will really realize that marketers will always know what we did yesterday, today and even the possibility of our plans for tomorrow.

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A Floating “Tech” Incubator – Only In Silicon Valley

incubatorHow far would you go to bring your talent, or idea to Silicon Valley? Apparently for those non-citizens, the answer can be as close as 12 miles away. Blueseed, whose idea has to go under the category of “Only in Silicon Valley”, seems to think they have the solution for those H1 Visa workers – an incubator just of the coast of San Francisco—on a boat. But this is no ordinary boat, more like a floating (non-military community).

Blueseed’s website states: “The location will allow startup entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to start or grow their company near Silicon Valley, without the need for a U.S. work visa.”

I have to say, I have been watching the incubator trend making a comeback, but I didn’t see this one coming. It is an interesting concept and once again shows the powerful pull of Silicon Valley. So for those of us lucky enough to live and work here (on actual land), let’s take a collective breath and be grateful for what we have…but keep an eye on what’s cooking just off the coast.


Read about it yourself. Check out their website:


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Life of an Artist – Pointers from the past.

IMG_3523When you begin any writing project, it is a good idea to clear your head, define your space, and give yourself a break when you hit a wall. Whether it starts in school, or in the real world, artists (yes, that includes writers, too) are taught to be hard on ourselves. We have all been subject to a brutal critique, or a war-torn bleeding draft; whichever the case, the ego is bound to take a few punches on our way to producing our best work. After recently completing a grueling writing project, I thought I would provide those just starting out with some tips on how to keep going:

  1. Create a creative space – Nothing gets the juices flowing better than creating a space that evokes creativity. Artists thrive in the presence of other great art. Put some prints on the wall of your favorite artists, grab some cool sculptures for your desk and make sure there are lots of colorful playful things around.
  2. Clear your mind and schedule – Dedicate some time to what you are doing. It’s hard to be creative on the spot, you need time to relax and let yourself go. This means that you need to set aside blocks of time where you are dedicated just to your creative process. Make sure it is enough time to get you started as you may find the first hour is nothin but clearing the mind.
  3. Take a break from writer’s block – Writer’s block isn’t just for writers, it’s for any creative. If you find yourself just not feeling it, then take a break, go for a walk, listen to some music or maybe just jump up and down and scream.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Remember, everyone’s creative process is different. There is no one way. Also, here’s a great article on How to Be Creative from Real Simple. Good luck and have fun.

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The Discount War: Are Shoppers Really Looking for Just One Price, No Gimmicks?

There has been a lot of talk recently about how consumers are starting to opt-out of loyalty programs due to lack of true value. I have to say, I have been a little annoyed myself at how some retailers can’t give me the same experience whether I am in the store, or buying online. Why do I continue to keep giving them the same information, and why are they only offering me deals on items I have never bought, nor do I intend to? This doesn’t mean I haven’t found myself purchasing a new brand, a color I don’t really like, or a size that doesn’t really fit, just because I couldn’t pass up the deal. I mean, who doesn’t like a great bargain?

54% of consumers polled feel that programs lack personalized messaging and valuable rewards. — Consumer Insights

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Patient Safety: Going Well Beyond a Checklist

With National Patient Safety Awareness Week coming to a close, we thought we would give some attention to this important topic.

In following this week’s articles, blog posts and tweets, much of the discussion about patient safety has centered on the treatment a patient receives during a procedure or hospital stay, so we asked Dr. Gary Ferguson, one of TIBCO’s Chief Healthcare Strategists, for his perspective. In his words he feels strongly that: “Many of these approaches are treating the symptoms, and not the cause.”

This is a good point. Take for example the case of hospital readmissions. It’s well known that CMS will begin penalizing hospitals if their readmission rate exceeds standards.

So what should caregivers be focused on in order to achieve patient safety, and how does technology fit into the overall goals?

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Are Businesses Ready to Put Augmented Reality to Work?

There is a new buzz in town, and just like “big data” received a lot of attention last year, the new trend is around “augmented reality.” True techies will scoff at this being a new idea and movies have had some fun with this idea for years, but with the rise of phones and smart devices, is this now something REAL and useful to the enterprise? TIBCO’S Matt Quinn, CTO, and Sriram Chakravarthy, Senior Director of Product and Engineering for Social Computing, think so. IT Business Edge spent some time talking with them both on the subject. Quinn summed it up nicely saying “We expect the industry to evolve very quickly as enterprises see value in augmented reality. We expect an explosion in the types and approaches to augmented reality. We expect to move out of games as a proof of concept to business apps.”

Read the full article here: Augmented Reality Gets Real

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What Do Bananas and Social Computing Have in Common?

This past year’s TUCON had some amazing Keynotes; some inspirational, others educational, and of course there where those that were entertaining. But when Chris Robinson, CIO of KPMG Australia, came out on stage holding a large banana, I realized this was going to be all of the above. He related the story of a client who threw something of a curve ball at the firm. The client, who’s in the fruit smoothie business, asked KPMG to help solve a vexing problem: “How to automate the task of peeling lots of bananas quickly and cheaply?” Employing humans to do this would cost too much, while machines tend to smash the fruit, since bananas come in all shapes and sizes. Even for a consultancy that boasts all kinds of experts in retail, manufacturing and technology, KPMG was stumped.

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Kim Jennett Samples


Thank you for your interest and welcome to my samples page. The following projects include copywriting, storyboarding, design, and photography completed for various clients and projects. These are just a small sampling of the work I have done.

Note: Many of these projects are local versions as they were at time of launch.

CDK Global, Dealix Product Division
Role: Director, Brand Strategy and Product Marketing
Member of corporate leadership team directing creation of all corporate marketing and brand strategy for Dealix division. Manage marketing team for all aspects of brand, corporate marketing and brand development. Brand evangelist working with industry analysts and media to further understanding of products and capabilities.

Corporate Communications

  • Dealix Website – Complete redesign of corporate website to align with newly developed branding strategy. Oversaw all aspects of development.
  • Interactive Sales Brochure – Development of copy, layout and design

Editorial Content

TIBCO Incorporated
Role: Senior Manager, Creative, Content Strategist
As the head of content strategy for TIBCO’s Corporate Marketing Services division I oversaw all aspects of messaging and content development across the company. My role crossed all areas of corporate, customer and partner messaging as well as the creation and implementation of editorial guidelines and go-to-market strategies. This position not only included managing a staff of marketing professionals, but required a hands-on approach where I worked in the trenches to create much of the content found within the company’s material today. The following are samples of some of the work produced.

Corporate Communications

Complete overhaul of TIBCO.com including the creation of a comprehensive document library.

Editorial Content
Creator, Editor in Chief, The TIBCO Blog
Sample articles:

Client: Omnicell Incorporated
Role: Senior Consultant, Director of Content Marketing
As the Director of Content Marketing with Omnicell I oversaw strategic sales/marketing team focused on lead generation and sales enablement as well as cross-product marketing campaigns and programs. This included hands-on development of corporate collateral, sales enablement material and graphical elements for marketing programs.

Customer Success Story – Development of copy, layout and design.
Mobile Cart Data Sheet – Development of copy, layout and design.

Client: Hewlett-Packard
Project: HP Extended Office
Geared toward the small business owner, this interactive presentation was designed to educate the consumer on the product offered by Hewlett-Packard, as well as entice them into purchasing this new service. The presentation shown here was developed by my staff and included: market research, script writing, photography, interactive development, copy-editing and production with my role focusing on the creative direction, research and copy writing.

View Demo

Client: Hewlett-Packard
Project: HP IT Manager
Geared toward the small to medium sized business IT Manager, this interactive presentation was designed to be an interactive experience that takes the user through various scenarios in their IT world and offers solutions to those scenarios. The presentations shown here were developed by my staff and included: market research, script writing, photography, interactive development, copy-editing and production with my role focusing on the creative direction, research and copy writing.

Asset Demo Storyboard
View Backup Demo
View Asset Demo

Client: Extricity
Project: Web Site Redesign
Extricity, Incorporated needed to revamp their online corporate branding to match a similar project that was proceeding concurrently with their print collateral. The idea behind the development was to bring all marketing and company collateral together in a single voice and style. I brought my expertise on design, structural development and style to create a completely redesigned corporate Web site that truly showcased the company and its products while allowing perspective employees and industry analysts easy access to information about the company, its products and its values.

View Redesigned Site

Client: Cascal Restaurant
Project: Complete Brand
Cascal Restaurant was founded by legendary restaurateur Don Durante (Birk’s, Le Mouton Noir). This project entailed developing all aspects of the brand, and influencing much of the development of the build-out phase of the restaurant itself. Working with the architects, interior designers and staff, I developed a variety of color schemes and patterns that influenced much of the interiors look and feel. From there, it was time to create the story of the brand, along with all elements of the corporate image, menu design and website. Based on a Picasso styled theme, I set out to create custom characters that are used extensively throughout all aspects of the restaurant as well as develop the “culinary journey” that would become the main-stay of this hot peninsula eatery.

View Site